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Relationship with your own-self.

Relationship with your own-self ©

Humans are social animals and Relationship plays a big part in it. In every relationship, we try our best to maintain it, as it give us many emotions and acceptance in the social fabric of the world. While doing this, we forget our relationship with our own soul, with our own-self.  The oldest, strongest and only true relationship that we share on this planet earth. Which start before our birth and it’s keep going even after the death. 

Relationship with your own inner-self, is the only relationship which can make you truly happy and content. If you get connected with your inner-self, then door to the real happiness and peace open up. As this relationship, does not want anything in return and even if you avoid or ignore or disappoint or not talk, it still remain there. This relationship can’t be broken. As there is no expectation in this relationship. 

Connecting to your own inner-self or soul is a simple process. You just need to start the process as you talking to your mother or a close friend. The only difference is, this relationship can never end. It does not matter, when you are starting the process or how old you are or how much layers of dust, pain, agony, grief and isolation is there. You just need to start talking to yourself in any way you love.

One of the process: ©

  • Sit or lay down in a lightly dimmed room with some soft music in background.
  • Wear loose fit clothes or just a robe or birthday suit.
  • Relax each body part.
  • Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.
  • Start the conversation by saying ‘hi’ to yourself, and start telling your day, about your life.
  • Keep doing this activity again and again on daily basis, till you not feel the voice from your inner-self in your heart.
  • Give some name to your inner-self. Whatever you like, it helps you and your brain to recognise its presence.
  • From the day, you hear the voice, the most beautiful and strong relationship is at your disposal, be with it, share with it, and see the peace and calmness coming in your life.

Relationship with your own-self is really important. As it reduces your expectations from other people and then, they don’t have the burden to full-fill your insecurity and it give you required maturity. And then you can do wonders in your worldly relationships. Your relationship with everyone around you will change for better and in case of any problem, you will able to tackle better and even in worst case scenario of breakage in relationship or fight, you will able to stand-up in no time. Patience, stability, maturity and peace will become the part and parcel of your life. Your expectation will only be then with yourself. So create this relationship and start a new journey of your life.

Sunny Etimaal

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